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Quepos Fishing Charters

Costa Rica

Our staff will help you to guide and book everything. Quepos, Costa Rica, is an amazing place to enjoy fishing.

You’re invited to take a Sport Fishing trip you will never forget

Marina Pez Vela Quepos
Marina Pez Vela Quepos

Best Fishing in Costa Rica

When you take a sportfishing charter, you’ll go after Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Pacific Blue Marlin, Black MarlinDorado, Roosterfish, or any of a number of other game fish. These charters will make your angling dreams come true. And dare to dream big! Quarter-ton and bigger fish catches are a common experience in Costa Rican waters.

Rooster Fish in Costa Rica
Rooster Fish Trip

Pro Fishing Expert Team

Quepos fishing charters it’s here to help you customize your Costa Rica Adventure with our Specials. the team at Quepos Fishing Charters looks forward to hearing from you today and meeting you soon

Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing Trip
Tuna Fishing Vacation

Your Fishing Adventure

You’ll experience that thrill in the crystal clear waters of the Costa Rica Pacific Ocean on a comfortable fishing boat, captained by an experienced crew who will make sure that you have a great time. All necessary equipment is provided, so all you need is your sense of adventure

Fishing in Quepos Costa Rica

Here you’ve got many alternatives from small boats to Big Fishing Yachts, Plenty of boats to choose from in Quepos. You are here to pick up a Fishing Charter from Quepos Marina and we have Listed a wide range of boats for you.

We begin the List with small to large size boats, We are Quepos sport fishing charters Operators in this Beautiful Country, and it’s our intresting to get the right Vessel for you and that is why the fees are so low in addition to flexible.

All fishing charters in Quepos include on the trip, snacks, clean fruit, and liquids including water, Coke, Sprite, Ice T, and Beer. Full-Day Quepos Fishing Charters additionally will include lunch. Full day journeys are eight – eight Hours, Half day is 5 Hours, Prices are for the boat now no longer in line with the person

Fishing in Costa Rica
Fishing in Costa Rica

Fishing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a deep-sea angling paradise for sailfish, marlin, tuna, Dorado, wahoo, roosterfish, snook, and many others. Whether it is inshore or offshore Quepos Costa Rica is the heart of big game sportfishing. With over 7000 billfish landed annually Quepos should be your destination of choice. In addition to being billfish central, Manuel Antonio National Park (five minutes from Quepos) in Costa Rica’s number one tourist attraction. Here is a rundown of the species available and the best seasons for each.

Quepos Half Day and Full Day Fishing Trips – Marina Pez Vela Fishing Charters

31ft Quepos Boat Costa Rica
Fishing Charter Quepos
Marina Pez Vela Fishing Charters


Sailfish are by far the most abundant of the billfish in the Quepos waters. These aerial acrobats will put on a show that you won’t soon forget. It is not uncommon during the peak season to see boats that have 15 fish days ( 15 legal releases because all billfish must be released ). The peak season for sails is mid-Dec. through mid-March. Though not as abundant during the green season sails are always present in our waters with 10 fish days happening almost every month of the year. For those of you searching for record fish, the sails in our waters are huge with 120 lb. fish being common

Sailfish Costa Rica, Quepos
Marlin Fishing Adventure Costa Rica

Marlin Fishing

Marlin is the second great attraction in our waters. Blue marlin, black marlin, and striped marlin are all caught here with the peak season being April-May and again Sept.-Oct. Blues and blacks exceeding 800 lbs. have been caught here

Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing Trip
Rooster Fish in Costa Rica
Rooster Fish in Costa Rica

Let’s plan the tropical experience and adventure you have been dreaming of.

Quepos Costa Rica is a great place for vacation.