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FADs fishing Costa Rica

What kind of FADs fishing does Costa Rica offer?

There are different types of FADS in the world. Subsurface FADS is used in Costa Rica. For many years, it has been common knowledge that the placement of FAD in the water column will directly affect the species. It must keep close to the surface. It will result in plenty of Mahi Mahi and Wahu. You have to attract the fish by keeping it very deep. Then it makes fishing difficult.

A FAD (aka boundary) attracts fish. We know that a FAD is also known as a seamount. A floating tree or plastic bucket is considered a FAD. Man-made FADs are more predictable. These are static. Often, a satellite floats with the beacon to be easily found. Costa Rica FADs are fixed and surface. These are not easily seen with the naked eye.

Where is the best place to go FADs fishing in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is the best location for fishing FADs between Golfito and Jaco. Because here, FADS is set on offshore borders. At this time, all FADs are located in the central Pacific region of Costa Rica. Golfito, Quepos and Los Suenos marinas are the best options.

When is the FADs season in Costa Rica?

Honestly, there is no season to travel to Costa Rica. Offshore fishing in Costa Rica can catch any fish all year round. Here the FADs hold the bait all year round. So it is possible to catch an excellent FAD fishing trip to Costa Rica at any time of the year. That’s why Costa Rica is now the best place to spend a vacation. More fish are caught in April-November every year.

One of the primary reasons for this is the current season of the tournament—the top flocks around the fish season in December-March. Selfish bites are powerful during these months, so most captains and charters make more fishing day trips at this time of year. There are tournaments, so they do not want to miss this opportunity.

What will I catch on the FADs fishing trip in Costa Rica?

Gaming fees are available very quickly here. Other fish are not so easily found here. This trip will be very fruitful if you plan to book the best captains in advance and time and energy. The species targeted for Costa Rican fishing FADs are blue marlin, shellfish, mahi-mahi, and tons of small tuna. Sometimes a lot of fish like black or stripe marlin are caught. 

What is a FADs fishing trip like?

A FAD trip to Costa Rica usually requires a departure from the Marina in the late afternoon between 3 pm – 6 pm. Contact us if you would like to travel to Costa Rica. Arrive here in Costa Rica and book in advance if you want to enjoy fishing by particular boat. The assurance of a good quality boat/ship/cruise to experience the best fishing experience with travel here makes the filling of anglers excellent.

You will start your journey at FAD / Seamounts by boat on the scheduled day. A trip will take 7 hours to 12 hours. Depending on the FAD, the crew embarks on the scheduled vehicle on the scheduled day. During this trip, you can enjoy the company of your crew. There will be excellent dinner arrangements. You will fall asleep at once with so much excitement.

Around 4:30, the smell of fresh coffee will wake you up. When you wake up, you will be mesmerized by the work of the crew’s legs around the deck. Once the light is bright enough, you can see the spread of fishing. That’s when you start fishing. It usually lasts until about 5-5: 30 p.m. Breakfast and lunch are arranged at the Luxuries Cruise at Off-Shore. There are so many types it’s hard to say. Finally, you have to finish the trip after dinner.

If the Fishing Trip Package is booked for one night for two nights, your trip will return to the Marina the next day from 5:00 am – 8:00 am.

Multi-day Deep Sea Seamount Fishing Trips, Get the Best Bang for Your Buck.

Those who book a long day trip, at night, you will set up a sea anchor. Call home the open sea for the night. Thus at the end of the first day, the following day will start fishing again. We offer 2 nights – 1-day trips for a 4-night – 3-day trip.

If you want to maximize your fishing time and take advantage of the boat while you’re at it, we’ll add a fee to your last day of fishing. You will catch the whole fish the next day instead of returning to the Marina in the morning. 

Are you interested in booking a FADs fishing trip?


Fully Equipped for a Multi-Day Deep Sea Fishing Adventure

All our fishing boats are equipped with the latest electronics and fishing equipment. Tuna tubes live wells, and bait is included in this trip list. It will take a few days to describe these. We have our own full Garmin navigation suite and Furuno 25kw Bird Finder radar. Also, the Coast Guard is equipped with approved AIS for safety in overnight travel, life raft, satellite phones, and everything is arranged. We also have communication facilities at home.

Our saloon has a full-size V-berth, two bunk beds, a cabin couch, and an extra full-size bed. It is arranged for good quality sleep. In these places, up to 4 anglers with a crew can stay together. Entire AC cabin, hot meals are available. The FADS also has plenty of space to revive day after day fishing events.