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Bottom Fishing

Quepos Bottom Fishing Costa Rica

Quepos Bottom Fishing in Costa Rica is the ideal fishing location. Tourists can enjoy Red Snapper and Grouper, Rabbit Fish, and Devil Fish. 

Bottom Fishing in Quepos: Snapper Fish
Bottom Fishing in Quepos: Snapper Fish Costa Rica

Both avid and novice fishers enjoy a Bottom fishing charter. It’s a pleasure for children, as well as adults. These Bottom fish species are relatively easy to reel in and found in the water off Quepos. Some enormous fish are also available in Costa Rica. Bottom fishing is usually done within a specific 15 to 17 miles offshore. There are several walls here, on top of which live the fish below. Fortunately, they are only a small boat ride from Quepos. Another great thing is that the Bottom fishing for Grouper and Red Snapper makes it so attractive that they are the best-eaten fish anywhere.

Big Red Snapper Costa Rica
Big Red Snapper Costa Rica

Bottom Fishing for Food:

Quepos Fishing crew will happily clean the fish and then fillet your catch for you. So, tourists can take it back to a villa or a hotel, or a restaurant. And people can also enjoy it for a delicious fresh fish dinner. Any fresher can’t take permission for Bottom Quepos Fishing. There is something special about being able to savor and share fresh fish. The taste of fresh fish caught in their own hands is different, which does not match the taste of the fish bought. The experience of having dinner with your hunting fish with family or friends is much more enjoyable.

Most hotels will gladly prepare your fish as food. Your catch fish is to be delivered to the villa or restaurant where you are staying. Therefore, the boat will reach your destination in a beautiful packet. Quepos fishing is a 3/4-day trip. Anyone can fish for 6 hours. It takes squid bait to catch fish. And fishing boats use squid almost completely. Here a heavy sinker is positioned at the end of the line. It lowers the hooked hook.

Quepos Boats in for Bottom Fishing: 

We usually use different types of boats. 


  • Open Cabin Boats Quepos Costa Rica
  • Quepos Luxury Fishing Boats

All types of facilities are available here. It is a joyful moment when fishing enjoyment starts on the boat. The hook has to be set at the beginning. If there is a problem with this, give a sharp pull and start reeling in your fish. It’s a lot of fun and easy. The boat crew helps new tourists to catch this hook for fishing. This time the fishing charter includes fresh fruit, snacks, and drinks. The departure time depends on the customer to make the decision. However, the boat authority recommends leaving the dock after 7:00 am. It has all kinds of security arrangements for tourists.

Quepos Fishing Seasons

The Costa Rican Quipos are the best for fishing every season. Best for fishing every season of the year in Quepos, Costa Rica. There are several peak months for both billfish and inshore/coastal species. So we show the tourists the Quepos fishing season chart first.

The Quepos Fishing Seasons Chart will serve as your guide to determine which species is most abundant in each particular month of the year. It is important to inform as well as possible.

Start planning your fishing vacation in Quepos, Costa Rica, now. Contact us. We’ll sort everything out. We have all kinds of packages. At certain times of the year, specific fish species are found in large groups near the coast of Costa Rica’s Quepos.

Quepos Fishing Detail: 

Costa Rica is an ideal place to spend an enthusiastic vacation. Best Costa Rica for everything from place to place, environment, food, and even fishing. Quepos is a fishing paradise for all types of anglers. Anyone, a new tourist or new fisherman, can fish here.

Sailfish: Anglers from all over the world come to hunt shellfish. Looking at the phishing charts here never really disappoints. Shellfish are available any month of the year. Their highest season is from December to April.

Marlin: This species is most available from September to November. Blue marlin and black marlin are also available.

Tuna: Famous Tuna species are also found year around. In pick season, it can range from 15 pounds to 200 pounds.

Dorado: Dorado is very known to give a great fight. It’s an excellent feeling for all the tourists. World-famous Dorado being a delicious fish, they can be found regularly year around. May is the picking season of dorado fishing. Please come to Costa Rica to enjoy dorado dancing.

Roosterfish: To fishing anglers, Roosterfish is considered one of the best catches of the ocean. Quepos, Costa Rica, offers excellent inshore fishing all year. Tourists can find Roosterfish in the mouths of the Costa Rican rivers.

Book your Bottom fishing charter with Quepos Fishing Charters, Costa Rica. For more about Bottom Fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica, you can call us at our Office Phone. or email us for more queries.