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Kayak Fishing Costa Rica

Kayack fishing adventure

Combine kayaking and fishing and you have a fun, tropical adventure within the boundaries of beautiful Costa Rica. Although kayaking is great exercise, you do not have to be in impeccable shape to take advantage of this amazing fishing excursion. You will be amazed just how much ground you can cover in a short amount of time, distracted by the beautiful scenery that only Costa Rica can offer. During your journey from shore out to the sea, you are trolling with deep-sea fishing lures and using your own muscles and power to troll the line. There is nothing like fighting with a big fish while trying to balance on a kayak!

This is quite literally one of the newest forms of fishing any angler has ever experienced before. Costa Rica is one of the best locations in the world to take part in kayak fishing because of its beautiful coastlines, volcanic rock islands, and rocky terrains. If you love fishing this is the best way to become really involved and be in complete control like never before. When you are kayaking out to sea you control your speed, how fast you troll and when to stop when you find a school of fish or get your first big tug. You are in complete control of where you fish which is something avid anglers love about kayak fishing.

For beginners, you can go out with an instructor and they can guide you when it comes to handling your kayak as well as your fishing rod and what to do when you finally catch that big fish of your dreams. Although it does sound difficult to kayak and fish at the same time, you will be surprised just how easy it is. The kayaks that are used for fishing are incredibly stable and built for speed so you do not have to spend all your energy strolling but instead save it for reeling in the big fish of the day. Generally, this type of fishing is conducted in bay areas, rivers, or on the Pacific side of Costa Rica where the water is calm to help beginners and experts alike.

When you get your first fish it is really exciting! Although your first instinct is to grab your rod and reel it in, you have to first turn the kayak around so you are facing the fish. From here you place your kayak paddle on your lap and turn so your feet are hanging over the side of the kayak to stabilize the kayak and provide more drag on your line for the fish. Many anglers have never experienced the feeling of fighting a fish that is slowly dragging you through the ocean, this is an amazing experience!

Kayak fishing can be found through any coastal area in Costa Rica today as this is a growing sport and excursion that travelers and locals alike enjoy taking part in. Book your kayak fishing trip today and experience what fishing really is.