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Marina Pez Vela

Costa Rica is a place popularly known for its best sport fishing tourist all over the world due to the presence of plenty types of fishing in the water on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of Costa Rica and also other lakes and smaller rivers around the central American country.

Marina Pez Vela Quepos
Marina Pez Vela Quepos

As the evening comes, the Marina Pez Vela turns into a place for couples, families, and, surprisingly, solo explorers to come and unwind by the ocean, partake in the nightlife, eat at one of the fish cafés, and pay attention to great music. Let us discuss some of the many fishes always available in Costa Rica waters.

Quepos Marina Pez Vela Costa Rica
Quepos Marina Pez Vela Costa Rica

Types of Fish in Quepos and Marina Pez Vela


Sailfish is one of the most experienced fish species in Costa Rica. They are commonly seen in the Pacific ocean off the western coast of the country. Fishermen all over the world come here to enjoy this. The sailfish is a very fast fish in water. Its peak season is always around December until April.


They exist in black and blue Marlin, they are plenty in the water off the shores throughout the year. Their peak season is around September to November.


Dorado is a sea fish mostly seen around the Costa Rica pacific and Atlantic coastlines. They are scrumptious and people find it challenging to catch them. The fish is an exceptionally pursed dish all around the world. Its peak season is around May.


This fish is one of the rarest types of fish you can find in Costa Rica. Its peak season always varies on the Atlantic coast ad the Pacific coast.


Snapper is very abundant in the pacific ocean waters off the west coast. It is commonly a fish targeted by traveling anglers due to its availability all around the year.

Rooster Fish

Roosterfish is one of the most popular inshore fishing targets in Quepos, Costa Rica is perhaps the best spot to track down Roosterfish and attempt your fishing abilities at getting some. Its peak season is around July.

Marina Pez Vela Fishing Charters

This fishing Charter is one of the best and that gives incomparable Offshore Fishing, Deep Sea, and Inshore Fishing Charters to fishermen who wish to tour around  Quepos in Costa Rica to have a good holiday.

Whether you like to book a seaward fishing contract or an inshore fishing trip, our extravagant fishing boats are holding on to take more time for the flawless fishing experience you’re consistently yearned for. Our fishermen have an abundance of involvement with yacht tourism here in Quepos, Costa Rica.

Long ago in Quepos Costa Rica, there was no marina here Every one of our boats was there, close to that little wharf. We needed to utilize a panga to move travelers from the wharf to the boat. It was an experience and everyone cherished it, local people and travelers the same.

All things being equal, Explorers came to Quepos for their fishing experiences. They were glad to tolerate this minor burden to encounter elite fishing off Manuel Antonio, Quepos.

Fishing is as yet an extraordinary encounter, yet today fishermen utilize the elite marina that has supplanted the old dock.

Fishing Tournaments

Marina Pez Vela is widely known for it has hosted some important international Bill Fish tournaments. Marina Pez Vela invests wholeheartedly in having both our extravagance fishing yachts participate in the 2015 Offshore World Championship Tournament.

Marina Pez Vela flaunts the biggest travel lift in Costa Rica. This gear can pull even the biggest boats on the water. The Marina Pez Vela likewise offers full boat docking administrations to people who might like them. This dockage is present-day and completely furnished with all gadgets you might have to deal with your boat. You can utilize this yard to paint the lower part of your boat, clean or supplant the propellers, or just perform routine support assignments.

At the Marina Pez Vela shipyard, you will always get all the needed tools to get the best boating experience. All workers are proficient and client arranged, and they are anxious to help you. They all communicate in English, so you don’t need to stress over not having the option to speak with them. This Marina is a genuine pearl that increases the value of the travel industry and boat industry in Quepos, Costa Rica.

A True Paradise for Any Fishing Enthusiast

Marina does not only give top-notch administration to boat owners or Fishermen, they also have a vast knowledge of eateries that serve delectable dinners arranged with new fixings and utilizing neighborhood and global plans. These cafés offer breakfast, lunch, and supper, as well as a ton of beverages and different rewards.

On the off chance that you are arranging a get-away and love fishing, coming to Costa Rica is certainly an encounter you won’t lament. Reach us today to find out about our reasonable fishing bundles that fit a wide range of financial plans.